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Paper Pulp High Density Cleaner

Paper Pulp High Density Cleaner is the widely used and high efficiency pulp cleaning equipment for removing all kinds of heavy impurities in paper pulping process. There are some working advantages about high density cleaner.

How Does High Density Cleaner Work?

The pulp into the high density cleaner equipment along tangential direction, use the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet as power to make pulp screwing along the cone and generate centrifugal force, under the effect of centrifugal force, the fine pulp will put out from the upper outlet, and the heavy impurities is sank into the sediment tank.

What’s High Density Cleaner Advantages?

1. The High Density Cleaner is different from the general cleaner equipment, due to the unique design of liquid mechanics principle, can work in the process of transporting high concentration pulp, doesn’t affect the deslagging effect, the pulp once go through the cleaner equipment, pulp in the impurities is recoil washed by the pressure water, fiber loss is almost zero.

2. The cleaner equipment also has the advantage of small occuption, large production capacity and easy operation, do not block the discharge mouth, the cleaning efficiency is high, pulp need only once go through the cleaner equipment, don’t need the pulp tailing treatment equipment, cone is wear-resisting and pressure-resisting, has long service life.


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