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Paper Machine Service Life

In paper industry, paper machine service life will be reduced due to a series of reasons in paper making process, so what can influence paper machine service life?

Paper Machine Service Life Influence Factors

1. The effect of impurities: According to practical analysis, when the paper machine impurities increased to 0.15%, the degree of wear will increase 2 to 3 times, paper machine service life will be reduced by about 50%. It is very harmful, so should minimize the impurities in the equipment.

2. The effect of temperature: At work, the condition of paper machine cooling system should be checked regularly, to prevent the equipment from overloading under low temperature conditions, and also avoid paper machine working under high temperature. Whether the temperature is low or high will cause great harm to the device itself, perhaps a short period of time may not see the difference, but too long time will affect paper making machine service life.


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