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Paper Felt For Paper Making Machine

According to the parts on the paper machine, it can be divided into wet blanket, upper blanket and dry blanket. The wet blanket runs on the paper machine with water, which is used to press the blank to dewater and smooth the paper. The wet blanket has good water filtration and elasticity, high strength, small shrinkage, abrasion resistance, and resistance to bacteria and acid and alkali corrosion. The use part of the upper blanket is above the wet blanket, and a small part is in contact with the drying cylinder, which acts as a paper, flat and dry, and has the properties of flatness, stiffness, elasticity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. The dry blanket is coated with a drying
cylinder, which is operated under humid heat and dry state to iron and dry the paper, and has the properties of firmness, elasticity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Dry blankets can also be replaced by canvas or breathable fabric woven from polyester filaments.

Felt In Paper Process

Felt is divided into two kinds of weaves: plain weave and twill weave. The former is quick to filter water, but it tends to have obvious felt marks on the paper sheet; the latter has a slower water filtration, but the felt marks are not obvious. The upper felt is used in the Yang format dryer, the twill weave, the surface is very smooth, and the surface of the felt must be burned with a blowtorch to make the wet paper sheet adhere to it. Usually the texture is thicker, about 1000~1500 grams per square meter. Dryer felt is also called dry carpet and is used in the dryer section. The thickest texture, the weight per square meter is more than 2000 grams and has good strength. Press the paper sheet
tightly on the surface of the dryer to heat it evenly, and to iron and smooth it. It is also replaced by a cotton woven canvas blanket.

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