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Low Cost A4 Paper Plant For Sale

A4 paper plant machine mainly contains a4 paper pulp system machine and a4 paper making machine. Many customers adopted our a4 paper plant machine to produce a4 paper.

A4 Paper Plant Machine Information
1. A4 paper pulp system machine includes, hydrapulper, pulp pressure screen, double disc refiner, etc.
2. A4 Paper Machine Technical Data
Raw material: waste shavings, waste school book
Paper type: a4 paper, copy paper, office paper
Trimmed width: 1880-3700 m/min
Basis weight: 40-80 g/m2
Production capacity: 20-270 tpd
Operating speed: 200-1200 m/min

Our a4 paper plant machine cost and details, welcome email or message us. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com 


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