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Light Impurity Separator And Reject Separator Equipment

Light Impurity Separator And Reject Separator Equipment both are pulp screening equipment for separating impurities from the pulp, they have the best processing efficiency with combined use.

What’s The Function?

Light impurity separator and reject separator equipment generally used after 1st coarse screen for dealing with the 1st coarse screen tailing pulp, 1st coarse screen tailing pulp go into the light impurity separator for removing heavy impurities, after the screening of light impurity separator, the tailing pulp with light impurities will go into reject separator for removing light impurities, then the reject separator accept pulp go into light impurity separator for circular processing.

What’s The Advantages?

Light Impurity Separator: Inverse conical design, concave top structure, high efficiency of deslagging.

Reject Separator Equipment Specially designed rotor to improve working efficiency, openable upper cover makes maintenance easy and convenient.


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