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30T/D Office Paper Making Line Machine

For paper mill production project, we supply 30t/d office paper making line machine according to customer’s demand. It can produce office paper, a4 paper, writing paper, etc.

30T/D Office Paper Making Line Machine Details

1. Office paper making line
Office paper machine, paper pulp making line
2. Office paper machine
Raw material: wood pulp, white shavings, virgin pulp, etc.
Production capacity: 30t/d
Paper kind: office paper, a4 paper, printing paper, writing paper, etc.
Trimmed width: 2400 – 3200mm
3. Wood pulp production line
Chain conveyor, D type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Conical refiner, Double disc refiner, Pressure screen before paper machine
4. Note
If you want to use other material, our enginner can design the technical solution and paper pulp making process.

About the total price of 30t/d office paper making line machine, or other demand for paper mill, welcome to send email or message us. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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