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2000/180 Carbonless Paper Production Machine

2000/180 Carbonless paper production machine use wood pulp, white shavings, waste paper to make high quality carbonless paper, cultural paper, A4 paper and so on. Leizhan can provicde tailored carbonless paper production solutions for paper plants.

2000/180 Carbonless Paper Production Machine

Carbonless paper machine adopts Open-type Headbox; Fourdrinier  section use Single fourdrinier wire; Press section adopts, 1 vacuum suction, 1 main press and 1 main press inside paper machine; Press section adopts pneumatic pressure system; Dryer section adopts box frame which has good ventilation performance; Paper machine adopts half open type valve cover and full digital control ac variable frequency division transmission.

2000 Fourdrinier Multi-cylinder Paper Making Process

Open-type Headbox–Single fourdrinier wire–1 vacuum suction–1φ600/550 main press–1φ3000 dryer cylinder(include 1φ600/550 press inside machine)–1φ2500 dryer cylinder–Sizing machine–6φ1500 dryer cylinder–Calender-Horizontal reeling machine

2000/180 Carbonless Paper Production Machine

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