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Something About Improve The Quality Of Corrugated Paper?

As we all know, society’s demand for corrugated paper machines in our daily life continues to grow. Our company has always been committed to research and development to improve the quality of corrugated paper. Based on customer feedback, our company has recently proposed several ways to make the corrugated paper machine more efficient.

Key Points

1. Remove paper defects: such as paper lines, dust, etc.
2. Find the cause: Paper defects have many causes. First, the fiber ratio and the killing process are run incorrectly. Second, too much filler is added. Third, absorb the residue on paper.
3. How to correct and improve various paper defects and their associated causes. If you still don’t know how to solve it, our experts will provide you with technical support.

Whether you are opening a new production line or want producing different type of paper, we can meet your needs. If you need more information on choosing a corrugated paper machine, our experts will help you from novice to veteran. Contact us when you are free.
Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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