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Ragger & Rope Cutter For Pulp And Paper

In kraft/corrugated paper production line, ragger & rope cutter can be used for making pulp and paper. As the fine equipment, they can work together to remove impurities. We also have other paper mill machinery

Ragger & Rope Cutter For Pulp And Paper Project

1. Ragger
Remove various kinds of twisting impurities in slurry like iron wire, string, plastic, cotton yarn, etc. Have stable operation and smooth running.
2. Rope cutter
Cut off the rope from ragger. Have a strong cutting ability. Can avoid rope getting stuck.

Email or message us for the price and details of ragger & rope cutter for pulp and paper production line. If you need other paper equipment, our professional also give you reply quickly.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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