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Pulping Process Coarse Screen And Fine Screen

In the waste paper recycling process, coarse screening and fine screening are two indispensable key parts. It affects the quality of pulp and finished paper. So what is the difference between the coarse screening and fine screening? This article will introduce it in detail.

Coarse Screen And Fine Screen Details

1.Coarse Screen VS Fine Screen
The coarse screen generally uses the screen drum of the hole screen; the fine screen generally uses the smaller slotted screen.
The coarse screen is equipped with a port for discharging heavy residue, but the fine screen does not.
The coarse screen is used in the rough screening stage, and the fine screen is used in the fine screening stage.
2.Pulping Process
Crushing—High density cleaner–Coarse screen(tailing pulp treatment equipment: light impurity separator, reject separator)–Fine screen–Refining system–Low density cleaner system–thicken (inclined Sieve/disc thickener)-Approaching flow system

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