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Pulper Conical Refiner Equipment

Pulper Conical refiner is a popular paper pulping refiner equipment mainly used for coarse and fine refining of pulp, broke paper and recycled pulp, it is available for pulping long fiber pulp material, such as cotton pulp, wood and hemp pulp. Pulper Conical Refiner Equipment has the advantage of new design, reasonable structure, high production, easy operation, good beating quality and so on.

Pulper Conical Refiner Equipment Structure

The machine is horizontal one-way into the pulp, the pulp is out from the top. Pulper Conical Refiner Equipment mainly composed of the base, motor, chassis, the rotor, stator, infeed mechanism, blade mechanism and so on. The machine uses the overall base, good rigidity and stable operation.

Pulper Conical Refiner Equipment Maintenance

1. Keep equipment clean, sealed parts without leakage.

2. Transmission parts work flexibly and normally.

3. Fasteners require completely and reliably.

4. The lubrication points should be regularly checked and added to the grease.

5. clean the abrasive disc if the downtime is too long

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