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Pulp Making Continuous Impurity-removing System Machine

In recent years, recycling of waste paper has been increasing around the world. Our company responded to international calls and manufactured continuous impurity-removing system machine. Mainly applied to crush waste paper, in fact, our machines bring better benefits to customers, improve production efficiency and pulp quality.

Continuous Impurity-removing System Details

1. Main structure: D type hydrapulper and trash well
2. Hydrapurger: regurally remove impurities of waste paper from hydrapulper.
3. Drum screen: mainly remove the slag washed by the hydrapurger.
4. Ragger: remove twisting impurities in slurry from D type hydrapulper.
5. Rope cutter: cut off the rope from ragger.
6. Grapple: applied for grab impurities from trash well.

Our continuous impurity-removing system machine bring better results to customer projects. No matter what kind of difficulties you encounter in the process of pulp and paper making, you don’t need to worry, our professional team will be at your service at any time.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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