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Pulp Coarse And Fine Screening

For pulp screening, there is pressure screen equipment for pulp coarse and fine screening, so what’s the difference between pulp coarse screening and fine screening?

Pulp Coarse And Fine Screening Difference

1. Coarse screening usually is screen hole of screen basket; Fine screening is use screen slot of screen basket.

2. Coarse screening is equipped with heavy impurities discharge port, but the fine screen haven’t.

3. Coarse screening used in coarse screen stage, fine screening used in fine screen stage.

Middle Pressure Screen Equipment

Middle pressure screen equipment can used for pulp coarse screen and fine screen, highly equipped with automatic oil inject device(from Korea), automatic water injection device(from Finland), seal water flow automatic detection alarm device(from Germany) to improve the M.C. pressure screen work efficiency and service life, reduce the maintenance cost.


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