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Paper Making Machine Tips

As a paper machine manufacturer, there are many paper machine details should pay attention in paper making process, so what’s the paper machine tips?

Where is the broken paper?

1. Paper Machine Dry Broke Paper: Usually after pulping, defibering (according to the situation), screening (according to the situation) and thickening, the dry broken paper into the pulp pool, and then transferred to the pulp pool before paper machine;

2. Paper Machine Wet Broke Paper: Generally directly from the wire section and press section wet broken paper pool after thickening into the pulp pool, and then transferred into the pulp pool before paper machine;

What’s the broken paper hydrapulper?

The wire section, press section broken paper pit, with the pulper equipment rotor is propeller type, low speed, small motor; Front dryer section and surface sizing, rear dryer section and calender reeling section, the pulper equipment cutter is similar with D-type hydrapulper cutter.


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