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Paper Machine Heart Headbox

Headbox is the heart for paper making machine, its operation relate to the pulp distribution in wire section and influence the finished paper quality. So what’s the function of headbox?

Paper Machine Headbox Function

1. Along the full width of paper machine, distribute pulp stablely and uniformly, ensure uniform pressure, uniform speed, uniform flow, uniform density and fiber orientation controllability and uniformity, and convey the pulp into forming section most appropriate location with proper angle.

2. Effectively disperse the fiber to prevent fiber flocculation.

3. According to the process requirement, provide and keep stable relationship of pulp flow pressure head and pulp speed, also easy to control and regulate.

Paper Machine Headbox Notes

1. The headbox is connected to the short cycle by the inpulp tube, and it is supplied to the forming section through the weir plate channel. The design and adjustment of headbox is based on the composition and dynamic characteristics of the pulp, thus affect the paper sheet quality.

2. In the headbox due to the pressure, so the pulp can flow, the pressure is produced by the fan pump, the fan pump speed is controlled by the pulp speed ratio which is calculated by computer.


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