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Paper Machine Dryer cylinder

Paper Machine Dryer cylinder is a key equipment for drying paper water and finishing paper in paper making process dryer section, featuring One-sided steam supply with one-sided condensate removal. Dryer cylinders Heads and journals are made of special cast iron, dryer journals with steam or condensate pipes have insulation sleeves.

Dryer cylinder drying principle

The saturated steam, which is passed from the steam joint, is condensed inside the dryer and the released heat causes the dryer temperature to rise, thereby heating the sheet coated on the surface of the roll shell. The heat is transferred to the paper in contact with the surface of the paper and the dryer.

Dryer Cylinder Steam and Condensate Unit

1. The steam and condensate joints are mounted on the dryer bearing housings or on the drive gear case. The joints are equipped with flanges for connecting them to the steam and condensate piping.

2. The joints have sight glasses to permit monitoring of the condensate flow.

3. To produce maximal rigidity, the stationary siphons are fitted with support arms. The nozzle made of stainless steel is mounted with a press fit tightened with a screw, thus permitting easy clearance adjustment.

Dryer Cylinder Dryer Bars

1. Dryer bars are made of steel profile and are mounted onto the inside surface of the dryer with the help of spring-loaded clamping hoops. This mounting method allows
thermal expansion of the bars.

2. Dryer Bars are used inside dryers to break the condensate layer.

3. Improve moisture profile, strengthen heat transfer to the shell.

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Paper Machine Dryer cylinder

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