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Low Cost Of Rope Cutter For Paper Making

In paper mill, low cost of rope cutter from our company has great effect for paper making line. It can cut off the rope from ragger. Meanwhile, it can be used in D type continuous pulping system.

Low Cost Of Rope Cutter For Paper Making Line

Type: QSJ-2
Working pressure: 25mpa
Cutter route: 850mm
Features & advantages: long moving route of cutter can avoid rope getting stuck. And double hydraulic cylinders makes it strong cutting ability.
Remark: we are an manufacturer so as to give you great cost and high-speed delivery about our machine.

Low cost of rope cutter has been used for paper making line from our customers. They gave some feedback that it had excellent performance in paper mill project. Welcome to contact us for quotation and details.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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