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Key Process Of Egg Tray Machine Forming

According to the dehydration principle of egg tray machine molding equipment, there are three methods for forming egg tray products: vacuum forming, hydro forming and compressed air forming. Vacuum forming is a commonly used molding method in the pulp molding industry. The molding technology is widely used for its mature technology and low failure rate, which is in the main status in the current pulp molding industry.

Vacuum Forming Details

The vacuum forming method is formed by vacuum suction filtration technology, The forming mold is placed in a pulp solution having a concentration of about 1%, so that a vacuum is formed in the inner cavity of film to form a negative pressure, and the fibers in the pulp are uniformly deposited on the mold web of the surface of the molding web, while a large amount of water is taken away during vacuum suction. When the thickness required by the work piece is reached, the molding die is removed from the slurry for extrusion and dehydration until the moisture content of the work piece is 75% to 80%, and then the compressed air is passed through the cavity to demold wet paper mold. The method has high production efficiency and uniform thickness, and is suitable for making thin-walled parts which aren’t too deep, such as padding for packaging eggs, and disc boxes.

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