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How To Operate Single-sided Machine In Corrugated Plant

Corrugated Cardboard is widely used in our life with the development of machinery technology, meanwhile, it is significant for us to save energy and source in the paper industry even every industry. Waste paper recycle is a big project for all over the world and necessary. As paper workers, study some knowledge about paper machine is also necessary. The following is introduce operation method of single-sided machine in corrugated paper making line.

Operation Essentials Of Machine

1.Before starting the machine, carefully check whether circuits, air pipes and air valves is leak and refueling all lubrication parts.
2.Install roll paper correctly on the shaftless bracket according to the paper specifications specified in the production notice.
3.Start the main motor to operate by steaming, and when the steam pressure rises to 8 kPa (the temperature of tile roller reaches 160C or more), the paper is fed;
4.Release the valve, slowly rotate the main motor speed control knob at a constant speed, and press the pressure button. Make a single-faced corrugated cardboard and send it to the overpass.
5.Reset rubber roller after production, turn off heat source and air valve, and adjust main motor to a low speed.
6.Clean the applicator roller to remove paper dust and carbonized glue from each roller.
7.When the temperature of roller is reduced to a non-hot hand, the anti-rust oil should be applied to the surface of each roller if it won’t be used for a long time.
8.Always check whether the valves and joints work normally, whether the instruments are sensitive and whether the indications are correct;
9.Keep equipment clean and fill in equipment operation records well.

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