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How To Make Corrugated Paper Machine More Energy Efficient?

With the improvement in packaging paper standards, paper mills always hope to produce better corrugated paper to meet the needs of the people. One of the most important questions is how to produce high-quality corrugated paper while save energy. So, our experts have given some useful solutions for this. Additionally, our complete set of equipment can help you save energy and run more efficiently

Some Key Points

1. From the point of view of energy saving, the best arrangement of dehydration in molding, pressing and drying parts should be strengthened.
2. Optimized hood control provides better drying quality and more uniform product quality.
3. By strengthening the vacuum pump requirements and improving the vacuum configuration of each part of the paper machine, more energy can be saved with the same total dehydration volume.
4. At the end of the forming part, by changing the position of the high vacuum suction box, it is installed directly under the paper guide roller, and an arc-shaped vacuum area is adopted.

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