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Hote Selling Fourdrinier Corrugated Paper Machine

Our company provides hot selling fourdrinier corrugated paper machine, which can achieve high quality, low quantity and low cost. At the same time, we also equipped the paper mill’s paper production line with pulping equipment. It appears that our machine is better than others as more and more customers buy our machine and appreciate it.

Corrugated Paper Machine Basic Infromation

Slurry ratio: 20%AOCC, 80%LOCC
Basis weigth: 90-160g/m2
Trimmed width: 3600mm
Working speed: 300-460m/min
Paper kind: high-strength corrugated paper, T paper, fluting paper, etc

Our complete set of fourdrinier corrugated paper production lines are installed in customers’ paper mill projects. If you want to know the price and detailed information of corrugated paper production line, please send us an email or leave a message. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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