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High Strength Fluting Paper Machine

We manufactured high strength fluting paper machine, the fluting paper machine is characterized by best efficiency and cheap price. If you have other needs, we also supply complete pulping machine for making fluting paper.

Fluting Paper Machine Specification

Forming part: Adopt open-type headbox, single fourdrinier forming( 14500mm fourdrinier );
Press part: Consist of two main press part( Φ900/Φ850 )
Dryer part: 18 pieces Φ1500mm dryer
Reeling part: Horizontal pneumatic winding machine
Transmission system adopts partial transmission, ac frequency conversion speed control
About the basis weight and production capacity of fluting paper machine, we can design according to your need.

As for price and details of fluting paper machine for paper mill, welcome to email or message us.Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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