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High Speed Corrugated Paper Machine

High speed corrugated paper machine is mainly for corrugtaed paper making, fluting paper making, etc, it mainly consist of headbox, wire section, press section, dryer section and sizing machine.

Corrugated Paper Machine Parameter

Paper Type: Corrugated paper

Trimmed Width: 2400-6600mm

Design Speed: 250-1000m/min

Design Production: 100-800TPD

Corrugated Paper Machine Parts

Headbox: Type: Air cushion type; Lip width: 3700mm; Starching concentration: 0.6-0.9%

Wire Section: Type: Fourdrinier wire; Designed wire tension: 7KN/M; Wire width: 3850mm

Press Section: Forcing method: Hydraulic pressure forcing; After press paper dryness: 46-48%

Dryer Section: Dry wire designed tension: 4kgf/cm; Finished paper dryness: 92-94%

Sizing Machine: Designed lineal pressure: 50KN/M; Ways of pressure: Pneumatic pressurizing


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