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Configuration For Pressure Section

The configuration of pressing part mainly depends on the type and quality of paper, the type and ratio of slurry, and the speed of three factors. When considering the configuration of pressing department, according to its function and task, combined with the general technical and economic requirements, it can be summarized as the following principles.

Configuration Principle

1. On the premise that the dehydration process accords with the dehydration characteristics of copied slurry, the possible dehydration efficiency and dewatering amount should be achieved, and the dryness of paper should be as high as possible.

2. To meet the requirements of various performance or dealing processes required for the characteristics of paper.

3. The paper transfer mode and circuit meet the requirements of safe and convenient operation and do not affect the quality of paper, and are suitable for the design speed range of paper machine.

4. The structural form, quantitative and material of blanket meet the requirements of dehydration or paper and can have a long service life. The same structure form and quantitative blanket have the same length to reduce the reserve quantity of precious materials.

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