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30T/D Corrugated Paper Production Line Manufacturer

We have 30t/d corrugated paper production line for customers, including paper pulp making line equipment and paper machine. In addition, we are a manufacturer for paper mill project.

30T/D Corrugated Paper Production Line Details

1. Paper making line
Raw material: waste paper, such as locc
Paper pulping process:
D type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Incliner thickener, First stage mid consistency coarsc screen, Reject separator, Mid density cleaner, Mid consistency fine screen, Incliner thickener, Double disc refiner, Inclined thickener, Paper machine screen
Remark: we also provide corrugated paper machine depend on your demand.

Some Information About Leizhan Manufacturer

1. Certification: ISO, BV, etc
2. Founded time: 1980
3. A manufacturer or not: yes
4. What equipment we provide: various kinds of machinery for paper mill project.
5. Service you can get: professional proposal, before and after-sell service, installation training, and so on.

Send email or message us, you can get the quotation and more information about 30t/d corrugated paper production line or leizhan manufacturer. Our email address: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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