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2400mm Carton Paper Making Machine

2400mm carton paper making machine is for 30tpd carton box paper making. Leizhan manufacturer can supply the complete carton paper making equipment, including
carton paper mahcine, paper pulping equipment and so on.

Carton Box Paper Making Machine

Paper Kind: Carton Paper

Trimmed Width: 2400mm

Base Weight: 80-250g/m2

Capacity: 40-50t/d

Working Speed: 100-150m/min

Design Speed: 180m/min

Drive Type: Ac variable frequency division drive

Paper Pulping Process

Top Layer Pulping: D-Type Hydrapulper (Pulping) — High Density Cleaner (Cleaning) — Inclined Screen (Thickening) — Double Disc Refiner(Refining)— Inflow Pressure Screen(Screening)

Bottom Layer Pulping: D-Type Hydrapulper (Pulping) — High Density Cleaner (Cleaning) — M.C. Pressure Screen(Screening) — Double Disc Refiner (Refining) — Pre-machine Screen(Screening)


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