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Waste Paper Chain Conveyor Components

Chain Conveyor is a ideal equipment for conveying various kinds of waste paper in paper making process, chain conveyor structure reasonable, and work advantage of large conveying capacity, less energy consumption, small wear.

Chain Conveyor Components

Head drive device: Power is given by drive device to the main spindle, in order to meet the requirement of different feeding speed, can change the transmission ratio to change the running speed of equipment.

Tail device: The deviator part of the device, which consists of tail shaft, driven sprocket and other components.

Tension device: The tension device is screwed to adjust the tension of the traction chain.

Chain plate: Consist of traction chain and trough plate. Traction chain with impact resistance, stable and reliable operation of the sheet traction chain, the middle chain with a roller , rolling in the track to reduce the friction and wear resistance. The trough plate is fastened to the traction chain with bolts.

Base Frame: Consist of head, tail, the middle bracket. With channel steel, angle iron and reinforced steel welded together. There are four tracks for the wheel running in the middle of the rack, made of light rail.

Chain Conveyor Specialties

1. Trough plate punch forming which high strength and excellent in crushing effect.

2. Chain board adopts closed design to prevent material leaking.

3. Two rows of chain adopt long axis to prevent chain running deviation.

4. Two rows of idler traction chain and hollow roller shaft,and oil can be injected from pin roll to shaft sleeve and wear-resistant zinc-copper bushing.

5. Raw material feeding plate adopts V design( more than effective conveying width 400mm) to improve raw material throughput

6. Orbit type running,operate steadily and reliably, with low friction and low power consumption.

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Waste Paper Chain Conveyor Components

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