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Tissue Paper Making Pulp Line Machine

The demand for tissue paper has been increasing in recent years. Some customers want to adopt white shavings as raw materials to make paper. Therefore, our company provides tissue paper making pulp line equipment to help you get soft and high-quality paper.

Tissue Paper Making Line Pulp Making

1. Raw material: white shavings
2. Production capacity: 20tpd
3. Paper kind: tissue paper, toilet paper, napkin paper,etc.
4. Stock preapration machine
chain conveyor- mid consistency hydrapulper-pulp pump-pulp chest-high density cleaner-pulp chest before refining-pulp pump-double disc refiner-pulp chest-top layer pulp tower
5. Features: reduce investment and maintenance, less loss of fiber, high efficiency and so on.

Besides tissue paper making pulp line equipment at great prices, we also have other machine for different types of paper production lines. For prices and details, feel free to send us an email or message. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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