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Tissue Paper Making Plant

For tissue paper making plant, we provide whole set of tissue paper making equipment, These equipment are suitable for small, medium and large scale tissue paper project.

Tissue Paper Making Specification
Raw material: 100% Wood pulp
End products: High grade tissue paper
Production capacity: design according to your need
Pulp equipments: Hydrapulper,  High density cleaner, Inclined screen, Claflin refiner, Double disc refiner, Pulp pump

Tissue Paper Pulp line(wood pulp)
1. The first step is to transport the wood pulp to the vertical hydrapulper for pulping.
2. Then adopt a high density cleaner agent to remove heavy impurities in the wood pulp.
3. Next, the inclined screen will be used for wood pulp washing and thickening.
4. After that, the pulp refining system equipment Double disc refiner are adopted to cut fibers and improve the beating degree of pulp.

For tissue paper making equipment price and details, welcome to email or message us at any time. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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