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3600mm Living Paper Making Project Machine

High quality living paper is essential for our lives. The 3600mm living paper manufacturing equipment provided by our company is applied for manufacturing toilet paper, napkin paper, etc., as more and more customers want to produce high-yield living paper. Additionally, we also have pulping machinery in this process.

Living Paper Making Machine Details

Raw materail: white shavings, wood pulp, waste book, etc
Paper kind: tissue paper, toilet paper, napkins, kitchen towel, hand towel
Production capacity: 16t/d
Trimmed width: 3600mm

Living Paper Pulping Machine Details

1.Pulping: The raw material were put into the Hydrapulper pulping.
2.Cleaning: The pulp may be contained impurities, so we need the high density cleaner to remove these impurities.
3.Removing Water: Using incline screen to remove the water contained in the pulp.
4.Refining: The pulp will enter the refiner to grading and the fiber will be cut more shorter.Then the finished fine pulp will enter the headbox for paper machine.

3600mm living paper making machine has been installed in many projects for paper mills, and achieved better returns than expected. we can provide technical support and services for customers, ensuring your prodection running normally. Welcome to contact us for more information

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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