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8-10T/D Tissue Paper Making Project

Tissue paper making project is always quite popular among worldwide clients for it has low investment, small foot space and high return. For their requirements, Leizhan company designs and produces 8-10t/d tissue paper making and pulping line machine with excellent performance.

8-10T/D Tissue Paper Machine Main Specifications

Raw Material: Commodity wood pulp

Paper kind: Napkins, Kitchen towel, Facial tissue, Toilet paper roll, etc.

Basis Weight:14-30g/m²

Operating Speed: 160-220m/min

8-10T/D Tissue Paper Pulping Line

1.Chain conveyor: Transport raw materials to the next stage. There’re different chain plate width and feed capacity to meet your needs.

2.Hydrapulper: D Type Hydrapulper, with small investment, small footprint and continuous gentle pulping.

3.Cleaner: High Density Cleaner removes heavy impurities and reduce fiber loss. It has high working efficiency and long service life.

4.Refiner: There’re Double Disc Refiner and Conical refiner to improve pulp beating degree. Suitable for various raw materials, such as wood pulp, chemical pulp, waste paper pulp, etc.

Any needs about tissue paper production line, welcome to email us or leave your contact way on this website. As a leading manufacturer in paper industry, Leizhan is able to offer all kinds of machinery and spare parts with top quality and competitive price.

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