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Chain Conveyor in Pulp Making Line For Waste Paper

Chain conveyor system can be found in numerous industrial environments. Leizhan company offers durable chain converyor in pulp making line to convey pulp board, waste paper in bulk/bundle horizontally or inclinedly(<30°). We adopt specially made chain drive one-time impact stamping and trough plate, which has high efficient and large capacity. What’s more, the chain plate width can be determined according to your output, the specific details are as follows.

Details of Chain Conveyor In Stock Preparation Line

1. Conveying material: waste paper, pulp board
2. Chain plate width: 1200mm-2600mm
3. Feeding capacity:60m³/h-600m³/h
4. Motor power: 5.5kw-55kw
5. Max.limit of material: 1000mm-2400mm
6. Advantages: low motor power, less wear, reliable operation, large capacity,etc

Our chain conveyor has been put into use in many paper mills. The feedback from customers who have used it for many years is that this machine is very energy-saving and durable, which brings them a lot of convenience and saves money for them. The fact is that our company Leizhan has always been committed to providing customers with the best machine. In addition to chain conveyor, we also provide a full range of pulping and papermaking equipment. Any interests, welcome to contact us at any time. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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