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Vietnam Continuous Paper Pulping System

Continuous paper pulping system is an effective process for paper pulping, it’s very popular in many countries. Vietnam continuous paper pulping equipment are reasonably provided to meet Vietnam paper making needs, the main equipment are Chain Conveyor, D-Type Hydrapulper, High Density Cleaner, M.C. Pressure Screen and so on.

Continuous Paper Pulping System

First of all, Chain Conveyor convey the raw material into the D-Type Hydrapulper for beating and pulping, then the pulp into the High Density Cleaner to remove heavy impurities, after removing, M.C. Pressure Screen is for pulp coarse and fine screen, pulp after screening to get fine pulp, which will be transporting into paper machine for paper making.

Leizhan Equipment

Leizhan is professional in paper pulping process with 37 years experience, the pulp equipment can customized according to customer’s requirements, the continuous paper pulping system also can designed by different needs.


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