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In October 2023, Leizhan company successfully delivers pulp making line equipment for Muchuan Hefeng Paper, including disc refiner, chain conveyor, etc. The pulp making line machine is rational designed according to paper mill’s project requirements. We send order on time according to the contract.


1.Pulp making line machine
chain conveyor, disc refiner, pressure screen, and support accessories.
2.Customer Information
Customer: Muchuan Hefeng Paper
Time: Oct 11th, 2023
3. About company:
Leizhan company has a complete set of pulp and paper making line machine, paper machine spare parts, etc,

Our pulp and paper making line equipment operates reliably and provides quality services for paper mill projects. For more information about other pulp and paper machine, feel free to email us. Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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