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15T/D Copy Paper Manufacturing Line Indonesia

In 2015, Leizhan signed a contract with Indonesia paper mill for delivering 15T/D Copy paper manufacturing line machine use virgin pulp, white shavings, waste paper as raw materials. The finished products can be writing paper, printing paper, copy paper, A4/A3 paper.

Leizhan supplied the full copy paper making line machine for Indonesia paper mill. The production line adopts our latest technology and best quality equipment.

Pulp processing line machine supplier

First of all, recycled paper is transported into ZDSG5 High consistency hydrapulper for pulping. After that, pulp is conveyed into ZSC3 high density cleaner for cleaning heavy contaminates.
Then, ZDF2 fiber separator will be used for processing tail pulp. Later, ZSK2 auto-cleaning vibrating screen will be used for pulp screening. Then, KH600 low density cleaner will be used for further pulp cleaning.
What’s more, ZNS0.3 mid consistency pressure screen, ZNX5 inclined screw thickener, XJJ1300 stock washer and ZDP450 double disc refiner will be used for recycled paper pulp processing line.

Copy paper making machine

Output paper weight: 40-120g/m²

Net paper width: 1880mm

Working speed: 120-160m/min

Capacity: 15t/d

15T/D Copy Paper Manufacturing Line Iran

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