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Bleach Paper Board Production Unit China

In the early of 2016, Leizhan signed the contracts with Xinjiang Xinrui Paper Industry, China for supplying 150T/16H Bleach Paper Board Production Unit with waste paper board processing. .

Pulp making machines for Xinjiang Xinrui Paper Industry

Leizhan to offer the complete waste paper processing line machine for making fine pulp which is suitable for producing high strength bleach paper board. Machine includes: Stainless steel Drum pulper pulping system, High density cleaner, Low density cleaner, Full set of Coarse screening and Fine screening system machine, Bleaching tower and Approach flow system machine before paper machine.

Customer Information

Customer company: Xinjiang Xinrui Paper Industry

Address: Xinjiang province, China

Time: 2016

Plant: 150T/D Bleach Paper Board Making Unit

Bleach Paper Board Production Unit China

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