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200TPD Packing Paper Making Line, Jiangxi, China

In November, 2017, Jiangxi paper industry order Leizhan paper pulping equipment for 200tpd packing paper making line, the main equipment contains pulping equipment,
coarse and fine screninng equipment, low density cleaning system, etc.

Packing Paper Making Process

Packing paper making process contains paper pulping process and paper making process, so the paper pulping process is vital for finished paper quality. The D-type hydrapulper equipment is maily for raw material pulping, after pulping, the pulp need cleaning, coarse and fine screening to obtain fine pulp for paper making. so the high quality paper pulping equipment is important for paper making. And JIangxi paper industry can purchase Leizhan paper pulping equipment, it proves Leizhan high quality paper making equipment.

Customer Information

Customer: Jiangxi, China

Time: November, 2017

Project: 200TPD Packing Paper Making Line


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