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30T/18H Egypt Corrugated Paper Making Project

Corrugated paper is widespread use in packaging field for its light, durability and lower cost. Leizhan Paper Machinery Company as a leading and experienced paper pulp equipment manufacturer, successfully planned the 30T/18H corrugated paper making project for Egypt paper mills.

Corrugated Paper Pulping Project

Corrugated paper pulping can be divided into three stage. The first stage is waste paper pulping: the raw material is conveyed into D-type hydrapulper for continuous beating and pulping. The second stage is pulp cleaning: after D-type hydrapulper, the pulp into high density cleaner equipment for removing heavy and small impurities. The third stage is pulp screen: the pulp will be processing coarse and fine screen to improve the pulp quality. Finally, the double disc refiner equipment is for further pulping to ensure fine pulp, and the pulp go through the pressure screen before paper machine will be conveyed into the paper machine for making.

Corrugated Paper Pulping Equipment

D-Type Hydrapulper: C=3~5%, Motor power: 75kw

High Density Cleaner: C=3~5%, P=0.2~0.5MPa

M.C. Pressure Screen: Motor power: 37kw; Coarse screen: C=3~4%; Fine Screen: C=2~3%


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