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Tissue Paper Roll Making Line

For paper mill, we provide tissue paper roll  making line machine to meet their demand, which include tissue paper pulp line machine and paper machine spare parts.

Tissue Paper Roll Making Line Machine

Forming part: After the fine pulp enters the headbox, it is evenly spread along the felt.

Pressing part: Squeeze out the moisture in the pulp as much as possible by pressing the felt attached to the press roll.

Dryer part: The dryer cylinder work in groups to ensure they can run at progressively slower speeds to compensate for paper shrinkage as the paper dries. It reduces the water content of the discharge to about 6%.

Sizing part: Sizing prevents ink bleeding during printing, improves printing performance and surface bond strength.

Calender part: Calendering helps to make the surface of the board more smooth and shiny. What’s more, it ensures consistent paper thickness.

Rewinding part: Form the paper into rolls for easy transportation and delivery, and use a slitter to cut the product into multiple strips to meet customer needs.

Many customers adopted our whole set of tissue paper roll  making line machine and got great effect. Welcome to email or message us for price and details.

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