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Paper Opaqueness In Paper Making Process

Paper Opaqueness is more and more concerned, so what will influence paper opaqueness in paper making process?

Paper Opaqueness Influence Factors

1. Raw Material: The pulp of high lignin content, less hemicellulose content can improve paper opaqueness. Groundwood pulp, which contains almost all the content of the logs, is the most opaque, adding groundwood to the paper mix to help increase the opacity of the paper.

2. Pigment: Crystal form, particle size, size distribution and dispersion properties of pigment, all can affect paper opaqueness.

3. Beating effect: The higher of paper tightness, the more air is expelled from the paper. The less air medium in the paper, the paper is closer to homogeneity, light has less refraction and is easy to penetrate through the paper. The greater of paper transparency, the paper opaqueness can be improved by reducing pulp beating degree.

4. The impact of sheet forming: The ceramic dewatering board instead of the table roll, improve paper uniformity, can improve paper opaqueness; Polyester forming wire and white water recovery system to improve the retention of fine fibers and improve the paper opaqueness.


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