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How To Get Better Pulp In Paper Making Line

As we all know, to produce high-quality paper, pulp plays an important role in the process. Our professionals provide solutions on how to obtain better pulp on the production line. We can provide a complete set of stock preparation system equipment, which can save energy and reduce investment.

The Methods Of Get Better Pulp

1. Correctly choose pulping equipment
Substandard equipment will waste your raw materials and increase your investment and maintenance costs. Lei Zhan Company’s kraft paper production line has complete pulping equipment. None of these problems exist and it accepts the pulp better.
2. Various properties that need attention during the paper manufacturing process.
Average fiber length by weight: Generally speaking, pulp with long fibers has higher paper strength.
Intrinsic fiber strength: Intrinsic fiber strength is one of the basic factors that constitute the strength of paper.
Bonding and adhesion strength: Basis of the resistance between fibers in the plane of the paper, thus determining the tensile strength of the paper.

Leizhan is committed to supply advanced stock preparation line equipment in paper making line. Even if you encounter difficulties during production, our professional also will provide technical support. Welcome to contact us for more details.
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