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Cylinder Mould Tissue Paper Making Line Machine

High quality tissue paper is essential for our life. Our company provides cylinder mould tissue paper production line machine for the production of living paper, resulting in more and more customers wanting to produce high-volume tissue paper. Additionally, we have whole set of stock preparation line machine involved in this process.

Cylinder Mould Tissue Paper Machine Details

1. Raw material: wood pulp, white shavings, waste paper, etc.
2. Paper grade: tissue paper, toilet paper, facial paper, napkin paper, etc.
3. Trimmed width: 1575mm – 3250mm
4. Production capacity: 5- 20t/d
5. Basis weight: 13 – 40gsm
6. Working speed: less than 500m/min

There are many customers who have started tissue paper projects using our cylinder mould tissue paper production line machines and have achieved good results in the market, helping them reduce energy consumption, maintenance, etc.

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