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7TPD Tissue Paper Making Line Machine

Leizhan company supplies 7tpd tissue paper making line machine with high quality and less cost. Moreover, we also have full set of pulp machine in paper production line. Our  7tpd tissue paper making line machine has already installed in many customer projects.


Raw material: wood pulp, white shavings, etc.
Paper kind: high quality tissue paper.
Production capacity: 7tpd
Pulp machine in tissue paper making line(overview)
1. Hydrapulper: break all kinds of pulp board, waste paper.
2. High density cleaner: remove various heavy impurities from the pulp.
3. Refiner: improving the beating degree to satify the paper making requirements.
4. Pressure screen:  applied for coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp.

The 7tpd tissue paper making line machine produced by our company has the advantages of high efficiency. Feel free to send us an email or leave a message. Our email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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