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30T Deinking For Tissue Paper Plant

For tissue paper plant, our deinking line machine has been adopted by many customers’ paper mill project. And we also supply paper pulp making system equipment with high quality.

30T Deinking Line machine

Raw materials: waste book, waste newspaper.

The entire deinking line  requires about four processes: pulping, cleaning, screening, and refining. The pulper we use in our deinking plant is always H.C.Hydrapulper, which can separate waste paper and ink in high concentration during waste paper deinking. Then the High Density Cleaner takes care of removing the heavy big impurities. After sieving, M.C. Pressure Screen is used for coarse sieving and fine sieving, and Low Density Cleaner is used to remove small and heavy impurities. As for the refining process, it depends on the customer’s needs.

For paper mill project, our deinking line machine has advantages of high efficiency, better performance, certification with ISO, CE, etc.

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