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10-12TPD Tissue Paper Making Project

Tissue paper is the most produced in paper mill, 10-12TPD tissue paper making project contains paper pulping and tissue paper making process. As experienced manufacturer of paper and pulp equipment, the 10-12TPD tissue paper making project is planned effectively.

Tissue Paper Pulping Equipment

D-Type Hydrapulper: After Chain Conveyor for raw material beating and pulping.

High Density Cleaner: After D-Type Hydrapulper for pulp cleaning by removing heavy impurities in the pulp.

M.C. Pressure Screen: For pulp coarse and fine screen to remove light impurities.

Pulp Pump: The pulp pump is used for conveying pulp through all the paper puling process.

Tissue Paper Making Machine

Type: 1880mm/220m Tissue paper machine

Basic weight: 13—30g/m2

Trim width: 1880mm

Work speed: 220m/min

Capacity: 10—12t/d

Rail gauge: 2700mm

Drive type: Ac variable frequency division drive


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