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Complete Fireworks Special Paper Pulping Processing Line Machine

Date: 2023-12-22


Recently, Leizhan company once again successfully signed an important cooperation agreement to provide Hunan Yangjia Paper Group with a complete set of pulping system equipment for the annual production of 120,000 tons of fireworks special paper project. Both parties will jointly promote the development of the paper industry

Cooperation Information

The fireworks special paper pulping processing line equipment provided by Leizhan company includes: high-efficiency hydrapulper system, JNS energy-saving coarse screen system, XZNS fine screen system, NLS low pulse inflow pressure screen system, ZNP disc thickener and other complete set of stock preparation system equipment.

The complete set of pulping and processing line equipment provided by Leizhan company will provide strong technical support and guarantee for Hunan Yangjia Paper Group, ensuring the smooth launch of the fireworks special paper project. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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