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A Complete Pulping Processing Line With An Annual Output Of 450,000 Tons

Date: 2023-12-06


Recently, Henan Yadu Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully signed another contract. Under the contract between the two parties, Leizhan will provide Henan Yadu with a complete pulp processing line with an annual output of 450,000 tons to prepare high-quality pulp for the high-end container T paper production line of the fourth stage of paper production. the project.

Cooperation Information

The paper machine of the new project is a double layer wire high-end paper machine with a clean paper width of 6700mm and an operating speed of 1100m/min. It has the advantages of high efficiency, stability, and environmental protection. The complete set of pulping processing line equipment provided by Lei Zhan Company will provide Henan Yadu with strong technical support and guarantee to ensure the smooth launch of the project.

Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. has won the trust and praise of many customers with its advanced papermaking technology and high-quality equipment. This signing with Henan Yadu is another important cooperation for Leizhan Company after the successful cooperation in the first, second and third phases of the project. Leizhan Company will continue to leverage its technical advantages and experience accumulation to provide high-quality products and technical support for the fourth phase of the Yadu project in Henan.
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