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Waste Paper Pulping System Machine

For kraft paper mill, customers always use waste paper as raw material. And we provide waste paper pulping system machine. And if you need kraft paper equipment, we also can supply it.

Waste Paper Pulping System Machine Specification

1. Raw material: waste paper
2. Paper project: kraft paper making line, waste paper pulping system
3. Output paper: kraft paper, liner paper
4. Production capacity: 200t/d
5. Pulping process
Chain conveyor – D type hydrapulper – High density cleaner – Mid consistency coarse screen – Single effect fiber separator – Reject separator – Mid density cleaner – Mid consistency fine screen – 1st stage low density cleaner – 2nd stage low density cleaner – 3rd stage low density cleaner – 1st stage fine screen – Inclined screen

Our engineer will design waste paper pulping system and provide machine specification, which can be used for the kraft paper mill project from small to large yield, like 15t/d, 750t/d, etc. Aboug price and details, welcome to email or message us.

Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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