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Waste Paper Conveying Process

Waste paper conveying is an important link in the papermaking process, which can greatly reduce the burden of downstream equipment, thus improving work efficiency.

Waste Paper Conveying Process Details
Waste paper can come in bundles or in bulk. The loader will load the waste paper bales onto the chain conveyor and the chain conveyor will unpack them to the unpacking machine. Larger heavy impurities will be filtered to the conveyor belt under the bale breaker, effectively remove heavy impurities and remove heavy impurities in dry condition. In this way, the impurity removal efficiency of the pulping equipment can be improved, and the wear and screening load of the downstream equipment can also be reduced. The waste paper is spread on a chain conveyor that feeds the drum pulper. The scattered waste paper passing through the chain conveyor will be sent to the drum pulper for processing, in the drum pulper, the waste paper and water are mixed, and the waste paper is beaten into a shape single fiber under high consistency conditions. The fiber form mixed with water is called pulp.

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