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Pulping Line Light Impurity Separator

Our company offers advanced light impurity separator in the waste paper recycling production line. In addition, you can also choose our pulping equipment in your production line, which also helps you reduce cost.

Light Impurity Separator Details

1. The casing adopts an inverted cone design and a concave upper structure, which can effectively form a strong eddy current, and the low-pressure area formed at the top of the casing can effectively reduce the discharge of impurities out of the casing. machine.
2. Under the action of centrifugal force, the heavier impurities are thrown into the outermost layer by eddy current and deposited in the groove outside the sieve plate, which is convenient to discharge outside the machine.
3. Compared with the raw pulp processed by the fiber splitter, the impurity content is reduced by 30%.

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